Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

LOOK DEEPER.  Do you think you know your life?  LOOK AGAIN.  If you are not seeing the inter-connecting web of miraculous synchronicities that allow you to exist and be where you are right now, then you are not seeing the deeper truth of your existence.  I cannot tell you what that truth is, any more than the next person.  You have to discover it for yourself.  Scientists and Spiritualists can work together to reveal the deeper truth...and it looks like they are getting close.  This week, allow your mind to come to a deeper, more holistic view of life.  It is a time for understanding, seeing clearly, and seeing deeply into the patterns and connections of life.  As you see more, you become more and more calm...more and more grateful for all that life is, and all that life gifts to you every moment.  Trouble at work?  LOOK DEEPER.  Challenges in relationships?  LOOK DEEPER.  Health failing?  LOOK DEEPER.  Allow new insights and awareness to penetrate any anxiousness and fear.  Look deeply and discover the truth about your life, and allow peace to permeate the transitions in the weeks ahead.

~ Old Sage

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