Monday, August 20, 2012

GROWTH, PATIENCE & ENJOYMENT ~ This Week's Msg of Love

SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.  Patience, as you put one foot in front of the other.  The energetic shifts and catalysts have been strong all year long, and we have all been swept up in monumental revolution and transformation of our individual and collective lives.  We are looking behind us at the fallout, even as we are steadily nurturing the new worlds that are now coming into being.  But it does take time, patience, love and understanding.  And it does take commitment to the process.  This week, acknowledge the growth that is occurring.  Acknowledge the abundance that is manifesting as growth and new worlds appearing from the labor and hard work that you have put into evolving during this time of intense transformation.  Nourish your physical body, and give it what it needs to stay balanced and healthy: rest, plenty of water, fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements, exercise and just the right amount of sunshine.  Let yourself luxuriate in your body and the comforts that surround you.  Live in your body fully, and thank it for it's loving service to you.  If you allow it, this week you can feel a peace and calm in the center of your change and growth.  And you will know that you are steadily marching toward the manifestation of your long-held visions.  Let yourself enjoy this time of manifesting new worlds.  The more you can enjoy it, the more seamless the process can unfold.

~ Old Sage


  1. Well said! I needed that this morning. I tend to get ahead of myself or to work on too many things at once. Thanks, Nick!