Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"UPLIFTING LOVE!" ~ Tarot-Healing Msg for Feb 20-26

Relationships are highlighted this week.  Prepare to be touched.  Prepare to be moved.  There is a great deal of passion and emotion waiting to be stirred up from deep levels of being.  You may get an invitation from someone, a proposal, a reunion...your love with someone may be renewed.  There is an uplifting energy in the air, and you may be inspired by all of the love you feel in your heart.  At a very deep level, all of this stirring of feeling can connect you to that profound Divine within that loves you unconditionally.  Experience bliss as you open to love...and give it...and receive it.  It is ok to be idealistic and innocent in love.  Let your guard down, and experience this wave of emotion.  Let it be your greatest teacher and healer.

~ Old Sage

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