Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"GROWING PAINS" ~ Tarot Healing Msg for March 5-11

It seems we are all under some kind of stress this week.  We have taken on a great deal of burden somewhere along the way...whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  There is a stress, a strain.  The good news is that we have taken on more because in recent weeks and months, WE HAVE GROWN.  We can now handle more than we could before.  Some of us who had been hiding from life, have now jumped back into the dance.  We find ourselves stretching and trying out our new wings, experimenting, playing...and yes, sometimes taking on more than we can chew on!  This is ok.  Just as easily as we took on the burden, we can release it.  Our freedom and release is in a simple shift in perspective.  We have grown and become more.  We will always be sorting through exactly who we are and what it is that we want to do and create next.  Let's remember that it is ALWAYS OUR CHOICE.  What do we really want?  What really matters?  There.  Relax and be at peace.

~ Old Sage

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