Thursday, February 16, 2012

"UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" ~ Tarot-Healing Msg for Feb 13-19

LOVE.  What IS it?  Is it real?  You will know it when you experience it.  When it comes right down to it, love is what we all need the most.  Sure, we need money, shelter, food, and all of that...but without love, we could not exist.  This week, let yourself explore the love that is experienced within.  There is a profound, deep love inside of you, waiting to be touched.  And if this love comes with any conditions, then you know you have not truly touched it.  Love has no conditions.  If you are holding out on loving yourself, thinking and believing you are not worthy of love unless you do or become something specific-stop it!  You cannot know love until you remove the conditions and experience yourself as you are...perfection in BEING and BECOMING.  This week, open to unconditional love.  Experience it in your own heart...that love you have for your own self.  Then share it with another.  And don't forget to receive the love another shares with you.  And if you are really wanting your mind blown, allow the love of the entire universe to rush in.  I promise you, you won't ever be the same.
~ Old Sage

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