Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"GIVE TO YOURSELF" ~ Tarot-Healing Msg for Feb 6-12

Have you had enough?  Have you given more than you have to give?  Now, are you drained and feeling empty?  It is time to retreat back into the still darkness within and replenish yourself.  We can give and give and give but forget to give to ourselves.  This week, remember yourself.  Do whatever it takes to find that calm center within and receive the healing energy from spirit that you require.  Maybe the healing lies with another.  Is there someone you can ask for help?  Maybe you just need someone to LISTEN.  You will know what to do to help yourself renew your energy and enthusiasm.  Sometimes, we have to let go of depleting relationships and situations in order to regain our balance and awareness of all that is good in life.  Take a step back from anything that is draining you and see all the LIFE that is waiting to carry you forward into a new era of BEING and BECOMING.
~ Old Sage

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