Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Is Sadness Always YOUR Sadness?" ~ A Tarot Reflection on The 8 of Cups

The heart is gloomy...from where does this malaise originate?  Today I had a powerful experience that deepened my reflective understanding of the 8 of Cups.  My day started off fairly well, but as I sat down at a cafe to work, I felt a caffeine craving come on.  Instead of giving in to the craving, I asked myself how I felt.  "On edge" is what came to me.  I figured this was my body/mind craving its caffeine.  I sat with this for a bit, and then noticed that I felt a little sad and "low."  There could have been a few reasons for this sadness, but none of them really resonated with me in that moment.  The sadness seemed to come from "nowhere."  I continued to sit with these subtle feelings inside, and then it hit me that they might not be "my feelings."  So, I quickly unified my fields and did an empath clearing technique.  Once my energy fields settled, I noticed that the sadness was gone.  In its place, I felt clarity, presence, lightness and happiness.  I thought to myself, "Well, I don't believe this was mine...I'll see if it comes back..."  Sure enough, a few hours later, I felt this sad feeling returning.  I paused and did my energy work as I had before, and the feeling vanished.  Again, I felt light and happy.  As a healer and empath, I have always been told that much of what I feel may be others' feelings, but I have never really taken it to heart...until now.  This 8 of Cups has SATURN in PISCES as one of its symbols.  Saturn represents BOUNDARIES...the threshold between outer and inner realities.  Pisces is that sign that naturally opens us to our oneness with EVERYTHING.  So, it seems this card can appear as a reflection of not only one's own gloomy feelings, but when you are feeling someone else's gloominess!  The lesson that I learned through this reflection today, is that it is important to be aware of my energetic and emotional boundaries, to realize what is mine and what is not mine, and to take the steps necessary to release from my energy fields what is not mine.  The next step would be to ask this question before releasing the energy; "Whose sadness is this?"  Then, I believe I would begin the next layer of journeying into the reality of my own and others' emotional boundaries.  But, for now, I am still in awe at the possibility that it may be true that for my entire life, I have been feeling others' feelings and thinking they are my own...this opens up new realms for exploration...

~ Divine Explorer


  1. Nicholas, YOU are my savior :D This was brilliant, and so pertinent to those of us sharing this same experience and attributing it to tired old drama loops . . . new processing technique and self awareness nugget . . . thanks!

  2. Aww!!! I'm so glad this sharing was useful and insightful. And it's great to be able to give back to you, as your sharing yourself and your knowledge has given so much to me:-)