Saturday, October 27, 2012

"The Journey Always Leading Back to the Self" ~ An Exploration of the Number 7 in the Tarot

I am drawn to the Tarot because of its ability to reflect where I am in the processing of my life's journey.  And where is this journey leading?  All life experiences lead back to the Self, and this is why we have the concept of spirituality.  The fundamental question at the root of spiritual exploration is, "Who am I?"  Besides the Major Arcana of the Tarot, which always speak to the significance of our lives as being a spiritual journey, a journey of increasing discovery and awareness of the Self, the 7's of the Tarot, in particular, seem to reflect that deeper spiritual exploration of the question, "Who am I?"  How does this numerical symbol reflect movement in consciousness and times in our lives when we are grappling with the deeper problems and questions of our existence?  When I meditated on the number 7, I experienced a sense of deepening and being pulled into the a stone falling to the bottom of the sea.  Then, a great deal of energy was released, and it expanded back up and outward.  I noticed that all of my chakras were stimulated, but my "crown" or 7th chakra at the top of my head, was the most activated.  I felt a subtle yet pleasurable influx of energy through my crown and moving down into the rest of my body and centers.  I felt a sense of INTEGRATION, COMPLETION, WHOLENESS, and with this, a sense of UNDERSTANDINGKNOWLEDGE and WISDOM.  The 7's seem to reflect those times when we can no longer deny SPIRIT or GREAT MYSTERY.  Whether it be with intuitive/visionary experiences (WANDS), emotional and relationship experiences (CUPS), mental/intellectual understanding (SWORDS), or in relation to the physical world of material security (DISKS), the 7's reflect times of testing and crisis, where we can no longer move forward without exploring the spiritual side of life.  The 7 cards of the tarot reflect inner guidance that is asking us to GO DEEPER AND INTEGRATE OUR SPIRITUAL AND MUNDANE LIVES.  When they show up in a reading, there is an opportunity for deeper spiritual awareness and integration of newly realized knowledge and understanding.  And why would we want to do this work of integration anyway???  HAPPINESS!  This work of conscious exploration of the Self seems to be the only way to realize true joy that is not dependent on external factors.  Whether you explore life using the Tarot as a tool or not, when was the last time you asked the simple yet profound question, "Who am I?"  I dare you to dive deep and touch the mystery that is you...and share with the world what you discover.

~ With awe and love,
Divine Explorer 

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