Friday, November 2, 2012

"Going Deeper so that We Can Go Higher!" ~ November's Astro-highlights

November will be full of TRANSFORMATION and REBIRTH potential.  What keeps us from experiencing joy and true fulfillment?  It is fear of those dark unknown spaces in the psyche and protection against imagined threats.  This month, we have even more opportunity to visit the dark and see the illusions and shadows for what they are-old and outdated interpretations of the past that keep us chained to past wounds and experience.  At the beginning of the month, MERCURY RETROGRADES IN SAGITTARIUS TO RETURN TO SCORPIO for one last round of intense delving into the deep dark spaces, to see what is left over in the psyche that has the opportunity to be purged and healed.  We all get an opportunity to look again with laser-like focus at our fear of death, at sex and our intimacy issues, at taboos that are ready to be explored, our wounds that we have aggressively hidden and defended and our greatest potential for transformation and rebirth into a fuller expression of the soul on its evolutionary journey.  The SUN CONTINUES TO MOVE DEEPER INTO THE HEART OF SCORPIO, and that potential for rebirth will continue to be the focus until the SUN MOVES INTO SAGITTARIUS LATER IN THE MONTH.  We get a spiritual boost with all of this transformational work that we are doing on ourselves, as NEPTUNE STATIONS DIRECT IN PISCES ON THE 10TH.  It had been retrograde since June 4th, and we may have found ourselves doing much introspective and reflective work on our deep spiritual journey and personal ideals.  When Neptune moves forward again, I get the sense that we will begin to flow downstream again and create many new avenues and pathways for the expression of our spirituality and ideals.  Now, we will begin to feel more inner guidance and more of an intuitive clarity about our spiritual direction.  We will now begin to manifest the forms that allow us to express our renewed sense of spiritual understanding.  This movement forward will support our intense transformation and healing over the course of the month.  Finally, we have two eclipses this month: a SOLAR ECLIPSE IN SCORPIO ON THE 13TH and a LUNAR ECLIPSE IN GEMINI ON THE 28TH.  The solar eclipse on the 13th highlights all of the work we have been doing on ourselves in order to let go of the past and move forward into a more fulfilling future.  For those of us that have been doing the work of becoming more conscious, this will be a time of renewed power and possibilities!  The lunar eclipse on the 28th marks a shift into a lighter atmosphere of  innocence, curiosity, bright mental connections, and understanding of how far we have come, and where we are headed.  It looks to be a very full and rich month ahead.  With all of the evolving that we are doing at such a fast pace, let's remember to take time to ENJOY IT ALL!!!  The deeper we go into healing and transformation, the higher the emotional and spiritual fulfillment we can experience in life, which allows us to soar like the Phoenix of our true selves...and that's the whole point!

* Nov 6   ~ Mercury Stations Retrograde in Sagittarius
* Nov 10 ~ Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces
* Nov 13 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
* Nov 21 ~ Sun in Sagittarius
* Nov 26 ~ Mercury Stations Direct in Scorpio
* Nov 28 ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

~ Blessings, Cosmic Magicians
Divine Explorer 

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