Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Release the Phoenix! ~ An Astrological Reflection on Saturn in Scorpio

Why do we resist opening?  Why do we fight the power larger than ourselves that seeks to enlighten us and carry us to the happiness we seek?  Tonight, my meditation on the spirit of Scorpio (it's function and process) has truly altered my perception of this zodiac sign as a function of evolution.  I asked to experience the essence or spirit of this symbol so that I could understand it better, and what I experienced were qualities rarely talked about in astrological literature: openness, awareness, sense of freedom/liberation, pleasure/enjoyment.  Spirit helped me to understand that the sign of Scorpio represents THAT FUNCTION OF EVOLUTION THAT SEEKS TO FREE US.  Scorpio is the first sign of the zodiac that is associated with mysticism.  Yes, we tend to experience intense experiences on our way to freedom and happiness, but that is because we resist life.  We are taught to hold on and struggle against that power that is bigger than our little selves.  Scorpio is all about moving us beyond our little selves into the sphere of the BIG SELF.  And this is an inherently mysterious and awe-inspiring territory.  During this meditation, I actually felt a DEEP PEACE and SENSE OF HUMOR.  It was as if I had a sense of self that was powerful and wise...one that understood life in a deep way and was prepared to meet life on its own terms-unafraid.  This is the gift of Scorpio.  As Saturn moves through Scorpio over the next few years, we all have an opportunity to let go of the struggle and resistance to life.  We have the opportunity to awaken and stop denying and running away from death, intimacy, spirit and transformation.  It is the resistance and fear of death that causes the intense suffering.  Saturn through Scorpio can teach us to release this fear of death/life and embrace the freedom of evolution into lighter and more pleasurable being.  So, over the next few years, remember that the journey inward and downward, the getting to the heart-core of the truth, the releasing and letting go, is all about your spiritual journey toward a deeper intimacy with spirit, and a more awakened self.  Look for the signs and symbols of spirit calling you deeper into your personal mystic's journey...let go, let the phoenix in you have its day and see what you become.

~ Divine Explorer


  1. As a SCORPIO, I loved this entry of yours. It will in fact change the dynamic of my next client session in 1 hour . . . thanks for a wonderful vision of truth rooted in the simplicity of freedom.

  2. Eve, it was truly an unexpected gift for me...from Spirit...to be able to see this sign anew, and to get to the core of Scorpio. Astrologers always seem to focus on the dark and painful side of this sign. But it became obvious to me last night that the SPIRIT and ESSENCE of this sign is the transcending process of the Phoenix. That's what it is about, if we will let it do its work on us. I'm glad this struck a chord with you;-)