Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Are you ever, truly, a FAILURE?" ~ A Tarot Reflection on the 7 of Disks

Do you ever see yourself as a failure?  Do you ever come up against fear and worry around your ability to create or be a success in the material world?  Do you stress yourself out about material accomplishment and material security?  The 7 of Disks appeared to me several times in the past week or so, and though I usually do not connect to the extreme energy of failure that this card projects, I felt it was time to have a deeper look at this symbol.  I have never seen myself as a failure, but if I am honest with myself, I can see that I have struggled with the fear of failing to be able to deal successfully with the material aspects of life.  In the past week, an opportunity to follow my heart arose.  With this opportunity, there is seemingly no direct connection to having more money or material accomplishment.  For me, it doesn't have anything to do with that.  It's all about my heart speaking to me about what feels right...my heart is singing about it!  It is about my spiritual and emotional fulfillment.  But I found myself afraid of making the wrong choice...afraid that I'd be turning my back on a path that could surely lead to more material wealth, security, and that prized American dream of accomplishment and achievement in the world's eyes.  My step-mother even told me that she thought that I would not pursue the path of accomplishment and more worldly success because I was lost and afraid to fail.  I found myself torn and unable to make a choice.  What is the deeper fear, here?  The deeper fear for me is about failure to make the right choice.  This exploration seems critical in order to get to the heart of deep-seated conditioning around this idea of failure.  I imagine I'll be exploring this for some time, but for now, I ask myself and you, "What is a failure...and is it possible for you or I to be one?"  I understand attempting a concrete goal and failing.  I understand falling short of an intended or expected goal.  But I do not understand the idea that I can be a failure at life.  This insidious fear seems to lurk just below the surface quiet, ready to leap out at the first sign of doubt about my choices.  Is it possible that we can explore this life and make our choices without the fear of being a failure?  I think so.  But it will take a deep look at what is really true about life...what is true about you and I.  There will be more thoughts on this, I'm sure.  And the journey continues...

~ Divine Explorer


  1. Failure is an exclusive product of the astral plane, which is everything which humans have ever said or thought, which is repeated and assumed to be correct. These revolving sentiments in the astral are limiting, judgmental, critical items.
    Failure does not exist in higher dimensions.

    Guides sometimes turn off the valves in well worn OR new paths to "guide you" in a different direction. It is intended to redirect energy and efforts in another direction, and to accept this is to leave failure in the old Earth.

  2. This makes sense to me, Eve...heading in a different direction where there is more potential for true joy and fulfillment, doesn't seem like failure to me! Thanks for this channeling;-)