Monday, September 10, 2012

"LETTING GO" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

It is time to let go of the past.  Grieve, cry, get it all out.  You cannot truly move forward until you honor and let go of the past.  Yes, things change.  Feelings change.  Relationships change.  Something or someone you truly care about has left you, and there is an ache in your heart.  At times, you might feel that all is desolate and bleak in the wake of your loss.  But truly, this is your new beginning.  Transformation comes when we let go and allow ourselves to be cleansed and healed of any past wounding.  It is ok to mourn the past.  It is necessary.  Talk to a friend.  Write a letter and burn it.  Ask for a hug.  Go for a walk in Nature, and let the Mother hold you, as you release your hold on the past through tears.  For some, this may be a time of sorrow...but tomorrow is a brand new day with new opportunities to experience increased love and joy.  It is there all around you.  When you are ready to break through your cocoon of sadness and open your wings to fly, your new world will be waiting for you.

~ Old Sage

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