Sunday, April 28, 2013

~ Your Courage

Your Courage

Without challenges, you would never know of what you are capable.  Challenges and obstacles are not there to defeat you.  They are there to help you to learn that you cannot be defeated!  Not truly.  The only way you can be defeated is by not trying or giving up.  We are not talking about walking away from a path after you have learned it is not truly what you desire.  We are talking about those paths that are true, those that are impulses from soul.  Challenges refine you and teach you invaluable lessons about you and your life.  Most importantly, they give you the opportunity to draw upon the noble qualities of your soul that can help you to transform challenge into opportunity.  Have the courage to persist while opening up to the strength, courage and wisdom of your soul, and you will learn just how powerful you truly are.

~ Old Sage

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