Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 3rd Quarter Moon in Aquarius

May 2 ~ 3rd Quarter Moon at 12 degrees, 12 minutes of Aquarius

The burst of energy from the new moon 3 weeks ago has dissipated.  Now, at the 3rd quarter moon, there is a CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS.  Energies are no longer supporting creating something tangible and new in the external world.  We have done all we can do for this current lunar cycle.  The 3rd quarter moon reflection is asking us if we can let go of what we have built so that it can evolve into something new?  It's not that we have to let it go literally, even though this may be true for some.  We must let go of our BELIEFS around what we have created and how we got there.  At this point in the cycle, we could hold on to what we thought we knew, or we can let go so that our perceptions and beliefs evolve to the next level.  The Aquarius moon highlights our collective determination to continue looking ahead to what CAN BE.  This energy is innovative, intuitive, rebellious against the stagnant status quo and willing to experiment with new and unconventional ideas.  Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is harmonizing with this moon, supporting that futuristic vision, as is Jupiter in Gemini.  Individually and collectively, we are looking forward to the possibilities of ideals and visions manifesting.  But here at this 3rd quarter moon, Uranus is also fast approaching its 2nd exact square with Pluto, planet of power to be used for creation or destruction.  We are not out of the woods.  We can see our possible futures shining in the distance, or perhaps intuit our potential futures, but there is still much to transform in consciousness before these visions can become a reality.  Aligning with this challenging energy is the Sun (identity and life-force) and south node of the moon (karmic past), both in stability loving Taurus, squaring the moon.  There is a huge question mark here, and I feel that many of us, though we may have moments of confidence and belief in our ability to manifest our ideal futures, there is also an undertow from the past that threatens to drag us back into the comforting abyss of the known and familiar.  This is where the CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS can be an opportunity to breakdown and breakthrough.  Know that at this time there is nothing to do other than reflect on the past and continue to create space in your consciousness to be able to continue to receive new marching orders and inspiration for the future.  How do we do that?  Remember that WHAT WAS TRUE YESTERDAY AND WHAT IS TRUE TODAY, MAY NOT BE TRUE TOMORROW.  Remember that to LET GO is to be in harmony with Nature and All-That-Is.  And remember to stay attuned to the quiet, encouraging voice inside that is calling us forward into an uncertain but ALIVE future, where we can experience brand new versions of ourselves in brand new contexts.  It is Life itself calling us forward, now!  Let's embrace this reorientation in consciousness and prepare for the gifts that lie ahead!

~ Old Sage 


  1. Brilliant! Timely as well. :)

  2. I am going to re-read this and really take it to heart, as I have been feeling simultaneous doubt, anticipation, satisfaction and happiness. I also have been feeling as if I might put the promotion of my book on a shelf and wait for what is next. I feel the dewy fresh ambiance of hope and creation, yet I'm in a void . . . interesting

  3. Thanks, Eve! I think we're all feeling this tug-o-war between the old and the new. I also think that as we move more into the "new age," we will all become more comfortable with the waning moon energy, which is symbolic of the night and the time in the creative cycle when we pause, contemplate, regroup and prepare to receive the next insight and inspiration. Ebb and flow. As a culture, we've just gotten out of the habit of relaxing and resting and not needing to constantly produce. It's time to slip back into the natural rhythms of life. At least that is what I'm feeling...