Wednesday, May 1, 2013

~ Path of Change

Path of Change

Do not let frustrations and obstacles get you down.  Know that frustrations and obstacles are a part of life.  They do not define you.  However, they do help you to refine your choices.  Oftentimes, when we meet with resistance, inner or outer, it is because some aspect of our inner or outer life has been overlooked in our drive to manifest results.  Chances are you may not really want that job you are trying so hard to get.  Chances are he or she was not truly a match for you anyway.  Chances are you might feel better if you accepted your body as it is and could see its inherent beauty.  Just when we think we have found the "right" path, love will ask us to go deeper, to change, to evolve.  Thank TAO for this!

~ Old Sage


  1. Oh my, WHERE do I begin to even describe the many "changes that are afoot" and I feel such resistance.
    I am chooosing to HONOR my resistance....because it's true; I am not ready.

  2. I hear you, Mari Lynn. Accepting your resistance is good enough for now. And when it is really time to act, you will be ready.