Monday, May 6, 2013

~ You


You are alive, but are you truly LIVING?  To truly live, the animal in you must be integrated with the divinity in you.  They must become one.  That is what it means to be truly alive and awake.  You have embraced your instinctual self, you  have accepted your body and you have made friends with your survival hardware and fear.  You are delving into your shadow and carrying a light into those dark places of self.  You are seeing the various misunderstood parts of yourself in a new light, and you are unashamed.  You are embracing your whole self, the dark and the light.  From this place of awareness you radiate your essence into the world with a color and focus that is unique.  You are existing in the NOW.  The past has been healed and transformed through your understanding.  Your creativity is at an all time high.  The power of your spirit is as real as anything that can be seen and touched.  You are eternally BEING and BECOMING.  Your self-love is a magnet, and you are an inspiration to others.  You shine like the sun.  Enjoy BEING YOU!

~ Old Sage


  1. Thanks. Don't feel like I'm there yet. Lol.

  2. Ha! That's ok, Ed. Apparently, there are no conclusions or destinations. A plateau always leads to the next climb. And I have a feeling you are touching many with your unique spirit...exactly where you are right now on your journey. Many blessings! :-)