Friday, May 17, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 1st Quarter Moon in Leo

May 17 ~ 1st Quarter Moon at 27 degrees, 24 minutes of Leo

There is one word that sums up the reflection of this 1st quarter moon:  PRESSURE.  We may sense this pressure coming from "inside," in the form of anxiety and fears that are being stirred up by intense emotional, mental and spiritual energies bursting at the seams of our bodies.  These energies seem to be demanding an outlet for their expression.  We may be experiencing this pressure coming from "outside," in the form of external challenges and obstacles.  It could be both.  There is a CRISIS IN ACTION and a great sense of mounting pressure to manifest more of our ideals into physical reality.  Put another way: we may be feeling a very strong inner urge to express our individuality and make our "mark" on the world through tangible contributions.  The moon is in Leo, and she represents that part of us that wants to boldly go forth and express herself in the world.  She wants to shine with vision and creativity and be noticed and appreciated for it.  This part of us wants to feel that it has given all of itself to life and that it has touched others in an inspiring way.  But right now, this part may be in conflict with the aspects of ourselves that are more practical, reserved, slow, steady and focused on patient and persistent pursuing of material goals.  This is reflected by the Sun and Mars in Taurus squaring the Leo moon.  These Taurus parts are not reaching for fame and immortality.  They demand that we focus on the essentials of life and that we create a lasting material comfort and security.  How do we resolve this tug-o-war?  We have to give each part its due.  We honor the Taurean wisdom that shows us how to take grounded, patient and persistent action towards manifesting our goals, AND we honor that part of us that must play, take risks, be spontaneous, and put itself and its creativity out there in a big way.  It is not enough to only pay attention to practical matters and steadily checking off our goals as we accomplish them.  We must also pay attention to when life is asking us to be courageous, bold, spontaneous, adventurous, to take risks and express our unique selves for all to see.  We need the healthy expression of BOTH sign influences to manifest our deepest dreams.  And there is more to this 1st quarter moon story.  The outer planets Pluto (mission and purpose), Neptune (universal love and compassion) and Uranus (liberation), are putting evolutionary pressure on both the sun (life and vitality) and moon (heart and soul).  As if this were not already enough pressure to "get our acts together," the revolutionary and evolutionary square between Pluto and Uranus reaches its 2nd exact aspect on Monday the 20th.  All of this symbolism is about natural evolutionary pressure that forces us to make a choice.  We either give-up and hide from life or WE GROW AND BECOME MORE THAN WE WERE BEFORE.  Life is now asking us to be more and manifest more of our authenticity and creativity.  As always, we have support.  Venus (beauty and harmony) and Jupiter (wisdom and expansion) are working together in the sign of Gemini to help us overcome the past.  The emphasis here is on BEING OPEN TO LEARNING SOMETHING NEW FROM THE INFORMATION AND FEEDBACK WE GET FROM OTHERS.  In order for us to move forward, we must connect with each other, talk and listen, share, teach and learn.  We must be willing to have our ideas and beliefs challenged and replaced with more appropriate ones.  We must be willing to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and a rapidly changing paradigm.  And let's not forget to cultivate our lightness and SENSE OF HUMOR!!!  Yes, we may feel that life is asking allot of us right now, but Life is also giving a great deal to us, as well.  More than ever, we have the opportunity to align with our souls and experience our wholeness.  In the near future, we will be masters of our capacity to use evolutionary pressure to transform lead into gold.  Hell, we may even be able to say, "Pressure? Ha!  I eat pressure for breakfast!"

~ Old Sage

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