Friday, May 24, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 24 ~ Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 4 degrees, 8 minutes of Sagittarius

This lunar eclipse full moon in Sagittarius marks the end of this eclipse season, which began with the lunar eclipse full moon in Scorpio on April 25th.  Our period of intense, cosmic course-adjustments are now coming to an end.  Some of us, more than others, have experienced unexpected and dramatic CHANGE.  Some doors have closed, and other doors have opened.  As this full moon is on the GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS axis of the zodiac, we will all be feeling a sense of potential integration between our lower/rational minds and our higher/intuitive minds.  We have a wonderful opportunity to put all of this motion and change into a greater perspective, but Neptune, symbol of INSPIRATION and ILLUSION, may be throwing a subtle fog over our perceptions.  At the higher end of this Neptunian spectrum, we may have great soul-clarity as to the wisdom of unfolding events and be enjoying a deep surrender to the flow of life.  At the lower end of the spectrum, we may be quite confused about recent events and finding it extremely difficult to trust the flow.  It is a deeply emotional full moon, and we may be experiencing vague feelings of sadness, longing and/or feelings that are hard to define.  In many ways, we are under water at night in the ocean of collective un-consciousness.  Everything within and without may seem to have a foreboding or a numinous glow.  It may be hard to see clearly at this time, but we can trust that whatever has come to a close has also come with a new beginning close at hand.  Four days ago, evolutionary Pluto and revolutionary Uranus reached another exact square.  This planetary symbolism continues to reflect the conflict between the old decaying paradigm of COMPETITION and the new paradigm of EQUALITY and SHARING that is being played-out on a planetary level at this time.  Saturn (structure) is also playing a part in this evolutionary dynamic during this full moon.  He is supporting the transformation of our fundamental structures, while teaching us how to create new structures that are in alignment with our higher ideals and visions.  With four planets in GEMINI (two of which are the rulers of the Sun and Moon), you can bet that we are all connecting in new ways with the world around us and taking in enormous amounts of data.  Our intellects are being primed to create new truths about our lives.  This Gemini influence is emphasizing INTELLECTUAL OPENNESS, CURIOSITY, LIGHTNESS and a PLAYFUL attitude toward the great waves-of-transition that we are surfing at this time.  All-in-all, I would say that before reaching any conclusions about where we are and where we're going, we definitely need to allow time for the eclipse-period dust to settle.  If we can take our focus off of the future for small moments at a time, and allow ourselves to let go into the present, we have the opportunity to feel a sublime connection to the ALL-THAT-IS-PERFECTION of life. We can surrender to that greater whole that we are a part of and trust where the eclipse energies have carried us...further and further into a new potential to manifest our authentic selves in every sphere of our lives.

~ Old Sage

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