Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ New Moon in Gemini

June 8 ~ New Moon at 18 degrees, 00 minutes of Gemini

We leave steady, patient and determined Taurus behind, now, as we begin another new moon cycle in the sign of the twins.  Gemini is the zodiac sign that reflects the natural evolutionary process or part of our psyche that seeks to gather new information so that it can use this input to help create a more solid sense of self and to help gain clarity about where that self fits into the surrounding world.  Gemini is a social and intellectual sign that represents constant motion and exchange of information with the immediate environment.  Gemini is open, curious and seeks TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW.  At this new moon, COMMUNICATION is emphasized.  We have gone as far as we can go with taking action to accomplish our concrete goals.  Now it is time to go out into the world and TALK ABOUT WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO CREATE.  It's time to make connections with others and get feedback on how best to continue forward with our commitment to turn our dreams into reality.  By itself, Gemini can get detached from the heart.  It can be so intellectual and focused on logic that it has a hard time including feelings into the equation of learning.  During this new moon, this tendency is being modified, however, due to the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, being in the emotional, sensitive and intuitive water sign of Cancer.  In fact, this mercury in Cancer is ruling all four Gemini planets in the sky (Mars, Sun, Moon and Jupiter).  This means that while intellect, learning and communication are being emphasized, the heart will also be coming along for the lessons.  Mercury in Cancer is also working in unison with Venus in Cancer, and Venus adds her harmonious and receptive nature to the mix.  This combination of Gemini and Cancer influences working through these planets and aspects means that we have a wonderful opportunity to make heart-to-heart connections as we share our ideas and plans with each other.  We are being supported in our capacity to truly LISTEN and learn not only valuable information that can help us move forward with our concrete goals, but also learn just how important loving interactions can be for keeping us inspired and motivated to continue walking the paths we have chosen.  There is allot to learn here, and it will probably not come without some resistance and pain.  Chiron, symbol of the wounded healer, is stirring up old wounds in our psyches.  Some of this feedback from others may hit some sensitive spots that will need our nurturing attention.  If we find ourselves reacting negatively to something that was communicated to us, we may want to take a step back to reflect on why we are being triggered, and to see what old wound has been opened.  From this more objective and empowered place, we can tend to the hurt and pain that is ours and still be present to receive the valuable feedback that is coming our way.  This time is all about being open and keeping our sense of humor.  If we get too serious, or take ourselves too seriously, we might miss the point of some of these interactions with others.  As for the two outer-planet-heavyweights, Pluto (death/rebirth) and Uranus (liberation), who have been reflecting this major era of evolutionary and revolutionary change back to us for the past two years, they are both quietly supporting this new moon energy behind the scenes.  How we evolve and move forward has much to do with how we are able to CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER AND SHARE WHAT IS NEEDED TO MOVE ALL OF US FORWARD.  We are becoming more and more aware of the truth that we are all in this together.  We need each other, and we were not meant to do this thing called Life alone.  Let's embrace this truth and allow our minds to open to new ideas about ourselves and the world we live in and create.  We can do it!  All it takes is pausing, taking a breath and LISTENING WITH AN OPEN HEART AND AN OPEN MIND.

~ Old Sage 

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