Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 1st-Quarter Moon in Virgo

June 16 ~ 1st-Quarter Moon at 25 degrees, 43 minutes of Virgo

The CRISIS IN ACTION at this 1st-quarter moon is likely to manifest as a gentle process of sorting and evaluating our beliefs about what is useful at this time and what needs to be discarded.  The Sun and Jupiter are in information-seeking Gemini, while the moon is in detail-oriented and discerning Virgo.  We are all feeling that urge to be out mixing and mingling with others, gathering information and feedback and learning new ideas about how to move forward with our plans.  Expansive Jupiter is encouraging us to gather more, More, MORE information.  We are feeling adventurous!  But critical Virgo wants to make sure that all of the new ideas and information can actually be applied to our lives in a practical way.  This match-up feels good to me.  At this time we can explore and expand our horizons, taking in all kinds of new data that we will use to move us ahead on our respective paths, while at the same time letting go of what is not immediately useful and would just serve to clutter our minds and hearts.  We are being gently guided to become more focused on what serves our deepest intentions.  Life is flowing along quite smoothly, now, and rapidly.  We are getting use to the flow.  We are getting used to the CHANGES.  And we are beginning to enjoy the evolution or our hearts, minds and bodies.  We are realizing this can be fun!  There is also a subtle and sublime influence, now, that is supporting us in grounding more of our ideals and spiritual vision into reality.  Saturn (structure and form) and Neptune (Spirit and ideal) are working in a beautiful harmony at this time.  I sense this as a quiet humming flow between our intangible inner lives of vision and ideal and our physical mundane realities.  We are having an easier time of learning how to incorporate our higher selves into our day-to-day lives and how to make our dreams become reality.  There is a sweetness available to us at this time and a great opportunity to feel very connected to our s/Selves and to Life itself.  This sweet energy will carry us all the way into the Summer Solstice on the 21st and the full moon on the 23rd.  We are reaching the peak of yet another collective energetic crescendo.  The peak of this cycle is all about being who we are and fully showing-up in the world.  It is a time where we can experience our inner worlds and outer worlds being very much in alignment.  Our BEING and DOING can come into an exquisite harmony.  Let's enjoy this flowing energy between Spirit and matter/personality and make peace with all that has come before and all that may come after.  It is time to let go fully and enjoy BEING HERE NOW.

~ Old Sage

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