Tuesday, June 11, 2013

~ New Thought

New Thought

There are many thoughts in your mind.  Have you ever tried following any of the threads-of-thought to their conclusion?  Do any of these paths lead anywhere, or are they dead-ends?  How many of these threads are scripts that play over and over again like a broken record?  Much of this mental activity is noise.  But every now and again you will hear a thought that stands out against the cacophony of the familiar monkey-mind.  This thought is a part of your guidance system.  It will be gentle and quiet and open-ended.  You could listen or not...follow-up on it or not...indulge it or not.  But if you do decide to pay it some attention, chances are this thought or series of thoughts will lead you to a phase of creative unfolding and activity that brings you new possibilities of fulfillment, rather than the same old stuff you've experienced already.  So why not give this other voice a try?

~ Old Sage

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