Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The Osho Zen Tarot


Did you know that you are free?

But only right, here...

...right NOW.

No matter what has gone before...

No matter who you have been before...

No matter how heavy the weight of the past that you carry...


...and you are free to be as you would like to be.

We have the past pulling at us, threatening to pull us under into a whirlpool of habit and conditioning.  It all feels so familiar and safe.

We have the future calling us forward with visions of what could be, and the road ahead is unknown and frightening.

And we have NOW.

I had a wonderful experience the other day.  I was able to be present to the automatic tape of the past that plays itself, perpetuating habitual ways of being.  I saw myself beginning to perceive and behave in a way that I really would rather not.  Why not?  Because the old way of being does not leave much room for touching my essence, my spirit, my joy.

In the midst of this pattern that I know so well, which had to do with me withdrawing into myself when I would rather be reaching out to another, I became present.  I noticed that I was having a habitual reaction, but I also noticed that I was present in that moment, and that I could actually choose differently.  In that moment, I asked myself, "How would I like to be?"  It became clear that it was my choice.  No matter what the past said, no matter what the fears were, no matter what my perceived limitations, I saw that it was my choice in that moment to be, do, and have as I desired.  There was nothing that could hold me back.

In the moment that I realized I had a choice, I embraced my freedom.


It only takes one moment of NOW to become present and to see that we are free.

We are only bound by our lack of presence and consciousness.

RIGHT NOW, we can be as we like...

...even if we have to do it over and over and over again.

Here and now, we are free to walk courageously into the future.

Here and now, we experience the truth of our BEING and BECOMING in absolute spaciousness and freedom.

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