Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peace & Hope with the Taurus New Moon

Hello, everyone!  I feel like I've been away on a long hibernation.  I needed a break.  I needed to rest and renew.  Life is moving so fast these days, and my 2008 and 2009 were so full and rich.  And I needed time to process all that happened in such a short time.

All of us are CHANGING and moving through these great times of CHANGE.  I don't know about you, but I am excited!  There is so much to be thankful for.

Before I go into the energies of this NEW MOON in TAURUS, I want to share some music with you.  This is a song I sang with One Voice of Sacred Center New York last Spring.  It was the perfect gift as I said goodbye to New York, and the perfect beginning as I said hello to the unknown before me.  It says so much about the way I have always felt about life...the mystery...the gift...the experiences that we have that fill us to exploding sometimes...our very real human lives.  It helps me to feel my SOUL and remember that there is room for all of it.  THERE IS ROOM FOR ALL OF IT.  And I am so thankful for ALL of it!

"Esperanto" ~ (from Esperanca, which is Portuguese for "Hope")
Music by Vince Mendoza
Lyrics by Kurt Elling

There's a secret that never dies -
like a song of hidden meanings that we never apprehend.
There are questions just as old as time
and the answers that come never quite make amends.
Even so, when you look at time
you can get a subtle feeling of the way it ought to be.
Take a good look at your own real life
and you'll see if you want what you've gotten to be.
It's a hope, a sign, a measure of quiet rapture -
of love and what may come after.
It's let-ting go, and letting no answer be an answer.
How did smoke learn how to fly? - Where do birds go off to die?
Why does coal sleep in darkness? - Do dreams live in apart-ness?
Is a number forever? - Where's the soul of the water?
How old is old November? - No one here can remember.
If I die, where does time go? - Do the bees feel ver-ti-go?
To get love - is there potion? - Or is love on-ly mo-tion?
Holy lift, holy reading - holy gift, holy needing.
Holy sound, holy waiting - holy spark a-ni-ma-ting.
Holy food, holy breathing - holy light in-ter-wea-ving.
Holy night, holy hand-write - holy flight, holy in-sight.
Holy sun, holy brother - holy moon, holy mother.
Holy dream, holy vision - holy scheme, holy mission:
Holy one to a-no-ther - holy me, holy other.
Holy lives, holy blending - holy start, holy ending.
Sit back and listen to it, here.

May 13th
8:04 PM CDT
23 degrees of TAURUS

Within this tumultuous Spring energy, there is an opportunity to relax, to be at peace, and to touch your soul essence.  There is an opportunity for a deep letting go and a simple communion with BEING.  Be here with the body.  Be here with the mind.  Be here with all that is in the moment.  The serenity and peace of Taurus at rest in the field can be experienced.  This is a time when we can all feel deeply present in our bodies and connected to Mother Earth.  We can tune-in to the place inside us that is always at rest.  As new moons are times of beginnings and renewals, begin something that connects you to your deep peace...something that connects you to your own body and sense of sensuous presence in your life.  For me, this evening, it is listening to a song of HOPE...a soothing voice...and feeling the comforting vibrations of the Brazilian quartz blessed by "John of God" that I hold in my hand.  Let's take walks and feel the warm air on our skin.  Let's smell the flowers.  Let's hug someone for a real long time.  Let's gaze at the sunset.  Let's thank our bodies for doing so much for us that we rarely ever give thought to.  Let's take a moment to enjoy our peaceful center.

Take some time over the next few days to PAUSE and breathe deeply.  Ask your own soul to give you a message about the energy of this new moon and what it means for you.

One thing TAURUS teaches us is to TAKE IT EASY.  There is no hurry.  SLOW DOWN, and ask your soul to give you a deep experience of PEACE to help you connect to your own new beginnings.

The Fifth Tarot

When I first turned over this card, I thought of the depth and fullness of the ocean and how it reflects our own deep, ever ebbing and flowing feelings and emotions.  We may have a great deal of emotion bubbling up from our depths at this time.  We may need to find a quiet space away from it all in order to feel this deep peace within.  If we can sit with whatever is arising in our emotional bodies and just experience attachment...we can touch the center of our peace.

In the next few days of this new moon energy, I would love to hear about the PEACE you have touched within your own lives.  And so it is.

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