Monday, January 21, 2013

"Honoring the Journey" ~ A January Reflection

Well, folks, another year, another birthday, another transition!  First off-HAPPY 2013!!!  We made it!  What now?  Life goes on.  The adventure continues.  Yes!
Ever since 2013 arrived and I turned 35 years-old, I have not wanted to continue blogging in the way I had before the new year marker.  Something else has been gestating in me for quite some time, and I feel it is now preparing to move through the birth canal.  So, darkness.  I have been in quite a fertile darkness the past few weeks.  And I have been reminding myself that Winter can be a time of turning inward, reflection and pause.  I am honoring the flow of my own personal seasons, and the natural rhythms of my heart and psyche.

Are you honoring your own natural rhythms?  Or are you trying to push ahead, when your spirit is gently inviting you to pause, rest, reflect and to give some quality nurturing time to whatever has been gestating inside of you?

I offer you a possibly radical idea; it's ok to not be busy all the time, to rest, to pause, to embrace the receptive part of your being.  It's ok to go "off schedule."  It's ok to be quieter in the transitions.

So, I am being quieter, as I am in the middle of a wonderful transition that will bring me to a place of greater clarity and integration of my unfolding gifts and contribution to the world around me.

In the near future, I'm looking to create a new website and to begin a whole new phase of my spiritual healing and counseling work.

I may do some tweaking to this blog, in the meantime, but it may be a bit quiet around here for the rest of the Winter.

I hope you are all jazzed about this new year and the awesome eruption of energy that has been unleashed in our collective psyche.  What-all awaits us as individuals and as a collective, I have no idea.  The potential for positive evolutionary change is enormous, and there's no going back.

Here's to honoring the Self and the Other in new and beautifully loving ways!

Here's to honoring the journey.

Many blessings!
~ Divine Explorer


  1. I do so enjoy your posts, Nick. But I'll be patient. :)

    1. Thank you, Eve! The best is yet to come! :-)