Saturday, February 2, 2013

Truth ~ A February Msg of Love

If you want to be free and happy, you must free yourself from lies.  It is a lie that you are supposed to be or do any specific thing.  YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE WHAT TO BE AND DO.  And if anyone told you that there is a deadline for your being and doing, they told you a lie.  LIFE IS ETERNAL.  How?  How is this possible?  This is only possibly because LIFE LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY.  Your parents may not have loved you unconditionally, your church may not have, your teachers may not have, the government may not have, but life does and always will.  And THIS IS YOUR LIFE TO LIVE.  If February finds you unhappy and feeling like a victim, and you are wondering what has gone wrong, remember that YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE.  Choose to see that wherever you are now does not define you.  It is simply where you are now in your journey.  And where you are now in your journey is OK because LIFE DOES NOT JUDGE YOU.  Only people do that.  Only you do that.  It is a lie that you need to judge and punish yourself in order to get to where you want to be.  Someone taught you how to do that.  It didn't come from YOU.  If you feel down in February, it's ok.  But remember this: YOU ARE ONE CHOICE AWAY FROM FREEING YOURSELF FROM THE LIES.  So, commit to finding and living YOUR TRUTH.

Blessings, Spiritual Warriors!
~ Divine Explorer

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